Pick a Side Jack

James Titchener / @mistertitchener

Trump has free reign to say whatever he wants on Twitter. And the dude says some wacky shit.

Twitter: a place for nuke threats and dank memes

"Public interests" on the platform get to play by different rules.

“A critical function of our service is providing a place where people can openly and publicly respond to their leaders and hold them accountable."

Got it. So our leaders can say whatever they want, but only so that we the people can start an open dialogue. It's so that WE can hold them accountable.

So why'd I get hit with a ban for saying this?

Excuse my typo... "Even *if* some other Americans wish he'd choke on a Big Mac."

I tried appealing the ban last week, but heard nothing from their appeal team. In the meantime, I lost complete access to Twitter while they "reviewed my claim." Out of boredom, I removed the tweet so I could get back to the "open conversations."

But have I really engaged in "targeted harassment"? Am I "inciting others to do so"? I think they took issue with the bit about Trump choking on a Big Mac. But what I tried to clarify in my appeal is that I don't wish he'd choke on a Big Mac. I simply stated that some Americans wish that. I wouldn't think of wishing harm on our glorious orange leader.

And anyway, shouldn't I be given leeway here since I'm "publicly responding to [my] leaders?" Maybe was my effort to "hold them accountable."

What good is a conversation where censorship rules only apply to one side?

I get why Twitter and their CEO Jack Dorsey will never ban Trump. This despite Trump using the platform to deliberately divide our country and flippantly threaten the lives of millions. You let him do as he wants, because Trump is worth billions to your bottom line.

But instead you make up some BS about open discussion and accountability while banning the "persons of UNinterest" for saying something the VIPs won't like.

Just pick a side. Is this an open platform for communication? Or is it only open for some? Removing people for abuse and harassment is fine, but you can't remove some and not others. Especially when the severity of transgression for the "person of interest" is in another universe. It's not like I threatened to nuke a country.

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