How to Free Yourself of Boredom

Boredom is becoming a distant memory, but I think it's a state we should pay closer mind to.

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How to Play Life Like a Game

Life is a playground and the rules are yours to design. You just have to be willing to play in the moments you'd rather hide from.

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Playing for the Long-term

How can you invest for your happiness and that of others like Warren Buffet has with his money? 

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Nowhere to Go

My stumbling journey to becoming lost and found. And lost again.

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Why I Quit Drinking

My brother asked me a while ago, "If you could remove alcohol from the world completely, would you?" I think I would.

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Taking the Stairs

Taking the stairs might require some time and sweat, when it comes to meditation, that might be just what we need to appreciate the view from the top.

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How to Be Alone

A 2008 study suggested that loneliness can be as painful as a physical attack. But being alone doesn't always bring loneliness.

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Kill Your Ego with Kindness

How meditation, drugs, travel and writing help you see that you’re not the hotshit you thought you were. And why kindness and acceptance is the path forward.

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We Can't Choose Who We Are

Why free will is an illusion and what that means for us.

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Sam Harris' Final Plea to Meditate

My guy Sam Harris released a podcast episode recently where he pleads with his listeners to look past their skepticism of meditation. I thought I’d share it in hopes of getting more lovely people on the meditation train. Hop aboard.

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Why I Volunteered for Two Weeks of Solitary Confinement

Otherwise known as a silent meditation retreat.

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The Best Day of My Life: The First Time I Took LSD

Throughout school we we’re told that drugs are bad, and I took their word for it. Then I read Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris.

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